With around 6 Years of core and advanced PHP framework, We at Digitalfields, have the competency to create and develop top notch Websites running with our revolutionary Concrete 5 Web Development Services. Our abilities and performance can only be rivaled by our zeal to provide the best possible services to over 150 of our satisfied clients.

Advantage of Concrete 5

High Flexibility

Concrete 5 provides unparalleled Flexibility in designing and development./

PHP central responsive Framework

With core PHP structural support and Digitalfields' proficiency with PHP, Concrete 5 provides 100% responsive framework.

Plugin & PortalCompatibility

Concrete 5 allows for advanced Plugin and Module Integration.

Live Site Editing

No more waiting on the servers, Concrete 5 allows Live Editing on Published site.

User-End Customization

With Concrete 5, Users have more control over the content than ever with Full User-End customization option.

The Digitalfields Edge

Our Clients have often preferred being able to make changes to their websites without extensive back end changes. We have both the proficiency in design and the expertise in development to provide just that and much much more.

  • Powerful Development Proficiency for themes and Website
  • Extensive Module Integration, modification and development
  • Seamless Plugins and Portals Development and Creation
  • High Content Customization and Component Customization